For Atlanta DJ wedding, a wedding is not just about two people marrying each other and appoint us for just performing services for them in exchange for money. For us, a wedding is as important and prioritized as it is for the couple. We work with our full dedication and passion for making a wedding memorable through our DJ service in a way that people can recall the day when discussing how a perfect wedding looks like! Let us take you through the lovely wedding journey of Jack & Anna and show you how our services contributed to making their big day a perfect one!

Our beloved groom loved to dance and that is why we meet the couple one week earlier than the actual wedding date to decide the music themes. Our team showed them our customized tunes for different segments of the wedding and consider their ideas too. With collaboration, we prepare a blend of different music list and tunes for the big day. On the wedding day, everything seemed perfect from the start. The weather was lovely and our preparations to rock the party was also perfect. The day began with the arriving of guests at the party and our DJ played light welcoming music for that time. Our DJ was fully prepared with the music and tunes for the entrance of our groom. When the bridesmaid showed up, the venue started to fill with excitement and joy and for the moment of the bride’s entry, the DJ played a blend of soft music and instrumental ballads for that lovely moment. Our team continued playing the instrumental ballads and soft music from the entrance of the bride till the first kiss of our couple as spouses Our DJ was fully prepared for making that fairy tale moment a memorable one for everyone and the videography as well.

The cake cutting ceremony took place after that and the meal was served for everyone. According to the moment, our team continued playing soft music to maintain a pleasurable environment for the guests. After that all finished up, now it was the time for the big thing, the Dance! Our DJ team was all prepared for that. We started by playing a blend of romantic and party music for the couple dance and after the dance, everyone in that venue was mesmerized by the love that spread in that time. We were also prepared for the father-daughter dance and our DJ ensured a cute ending of that dance with his expertise in music. Since we were prepared for every phase, how can we forget the guests at the wedding? Our DJ played a mixture of all-time hit music from hip-hop, from the jams of 2000s and from the trending music which grabbed the attention of everyone and forced them to dance on the big day. The DJ managed the crowd of more than five hundred people with his expertise, our innovative and high-quality sound systems and with the collaboration of our ideas with the preferences of our client. The dance party continued for more than forty-five minutes and no one was ready to leave the floor even after that. The venue was filled with high levels of energy, happiness and craziness that the chairs were all empty for the whole time of dance time. Everyone showed their love and happiness for the couple through their dance moves on the music played by our DJ. And lastly, for the goodbye phase, we played a soft lovely music for our couple when they were holding hands with each other until they left the venue in their beautiful car for the starting of a new journey together.

On the first day of our meeting with our clients, we have understood the value of good music for them through their wish list and their preferences. Our DJ ensure their happiness and satisfaction by considering their vision of how their wedding music should be like and prepared accordingly which resulted in the wide smiles of every single person in the wedding venues. Happiness and satisfaction were also witnessed through the wedding photographs. We gave our one hundred per cent in playing for every moment on the big day of our clients. Our success was confirmed by the positive reviews of the guests on our website and by the satisfaction and trust of our beloved couple Jack & Anna for us. This is what we worked for many years and we will continue the same in the future as well!

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