Project Description

Our client hired us for the videography of his big day. We firstly asked him about how he wanted the wedding video to look like and then we designed our strategy for the wedding day. We began by filming the decorations of the venue by focusing on every single detail of it. Moving on wards, we filmed many lovely and beautiful shots from the wedding, starting from the guest’s entrance to the couple leaving in their car at the end of the event. Our team took many mesmerizing close-up shots of the couple and also covered the guests because wedding memories are incomplete without guests in it. Our client was highly satisfied and happy with the service and this is what we worked for.

Our team specifically covered:

  • Every decoration detail of the wedding venue to save the memories of the beautiful day.
  • Many candid shots from the wedding to bring smiles on the couple’s face whenever they see the video so that they live into that day again.
  • The whole wedding ceremony with every guest, every happy and emotional moment inthe video to save the memories of the day.
Atlanta DJ Wedding


I highly recommend every couple to contact Atlanta DJ Wedding for the videography of their big day. They covered the whole ceremony in such a beautiful way that I and my wife can relive that day every time we see it. I thank Atlanta DJ Wedding for covering my big day perfectly.